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All prices quoted on this website are subject to change without notice. A one percent certification charge is added to the invoice price of all fruit trees. This charge has been assessed by the State of Washington for funding of the Fruit Tree Certification Program.

Residents of the State of Washington should add 8% sales tax when ordering nursery supplies and fruit trees in the non-commercial category. No sales tax is required on trees to be planted in commercial orchards.

Quantity rates are based on total trees purchased during our regular delivery season (Nov. 15 - June 1). In order to take advantage of quantity rates, all orders must be billed and shipped to one named customer.

All orders priced at the commercial grower rate (50 or more trees) are sold F.O.B. Wenatchee, WA. NOTE: Fruit pictures shown on this website may not be representative of actual fruit color.


We carefully select scionwood from mature bearing trees. Despite this careful selection, it is possible that some variations may occur within varieties. This variation is most prevalent in the tree structure of spur type trees. Environment and cultural practices, such as pruning, fertilizing and application of chemicals can affect the color formation at the time of apple maturity. These factors can moderate the genetic characteristics of color. Because of this we cannot accept responsibility for the fruit color and tree structure of any variety or any other defects. We attempt to keep these variations to a minimum, but we feel growers should be aware of these facts.


Under the laws of the United States, the owner of a plant patent has the right to control who propagates the patented plant. Similarly, the owner of a trademark for a plant variety has the right to control who uses the trademark in commerce. Patented varieties owned by Van Well Nursery, Inc. may be propagated only under the terms of a written license granted to the licensee by Van Well Nursery, Inc. Trademarks owned by Van Well Nursery, Inc. may be used only with the written permission of Van Well Nursery, Inc. Reproduction of patented varieties for any purpose, or use of trademarks for those varieties, without a written license from Van Well Nursery, Inc. is prohibited.

*Golden Russet Bosc®, Columbia Red Anjou and OHxF 87™ are grown under license from Carlton Plants, Inc.