Aztec Fuji

Aztec Fuji ® (DT 2 cltv.)


The new generation Red Fuji is considered the reddest blush Fuji sport on the market.  This strain is fast becoming the standard by which all Red Fuji varieties will be judged.  The fruit has all the sweet flavor and crisp crunch expected from Red Fuji.  The tree exhibits growth habits and vigor similar to other Fuji strains.


Aztec Fujis are the on of the latest in the line of Fuji apples.  The Aztec Fuji is the "most requested" Fuji in the marketplace because of its consistent red blush coloring clearly shown in the photograph.  The Aztec Fuji has retained all the sweet, juicy flavor that Fujis are known for in the market.

Fuji apples have only been in the US market for 30 years, but with just one bite of the Aztec Fuji you will know why they have become so popular.  The Aztec Fuji is one more example of living up to our promise of "our best to you" at the Van Well Nursery.