About Us

Established in 1946, Van Well Nursery is a top supplier of fruit trees to commercial orchardists, wholesale and retail nurseries and the average backyard gardener. We grow more than 1 million apple, pear, cherry, peach, plum, prune, apricot, and nectarine trees each year.


The Family Team


Suzanne Van Well is our Chief Financial Officer.

Joe Adams maintains our computer information systems.

Tom Van Well is an active board member who is retired from day-to-day operations.

Christina Van Well oversees our operations.

Dick Van Well acts as our Senior Manager and Production Advisor.

Ric Van Well assists with production.

Pete Van Well acts as our Senior Manager and assists with day-to-day operations.

Pete Van Well II acts as our General Manager.


Office Support Staff

Cynthia Arellano is our office assistant and the pleasant voice you hear when you call our Wenatchee office.

Dee Schoenmakers works inside sales.

Rita Sortino is a new addition to our accounting department who assists with daily activities.


Washington Field Staff

Mike Anderson is the veteran of our field staff. Mike lives in Yakima and can be contacted at (509) 952-3538.

Ramiro Avilez has joined the sales staff of Van Well Nursery, Wenatchee, Washington. He will work with fruit growers from Royal City in the Columbia Basin north through the Okanogan Valley to the Canadian border. Ramiro can be reached at (509) 433-8701 or ramiro@vanwell.net.

Phil Doornink grew up on a cherry orchard in Wapato. He served active duty in the U.S. Air Force, and is now a member of the reserves. Phil can be reached at 509-833-3605 or phil@vanwell.net.


Proud Members