An Apple Tree A Day

You might be surprised to learn that here at Van Well Nursery we have almost 50 varieties of apple trees. From Akane to Yellow Newton with forty six wonderful, juicy apple varieties in between we certainly know our apples. Yet, as one of the premier nurseries in Washington state we cater to apple growers around the world who seek out the highest quality trees.

What may surprise you even more is that of the 48 varieties we grow, almost half are either trademarked or registered varieties, which means that we continue to invest in developing better options for orchardists who are branching out and growing more varieties to stay contemporary with consumers needs.  

There was a time when growing a single strain, the Red Delicious, was the perfect choice, but that time has passed as more and more consumers want a wider variety to satisfy their palette. Washington state is the number one producer of freshly consumed U.S. apples, producing roughly 68%. Van Well Nursery works with both Washington growers and international growers to provide the highest quality apple trees.

Some of our more popular registered apple varieties include:

Redfield Red 

A full blush and good typey shape enhances the eye appeal of this apple.


Red Cameo

A limb sport of Cameo, this sensational Van Well Nursery exclusive introduction has all the characteristics of its parent — attractive color, crisp, juicy, sweet-tart flavor and outstanding storage quality.


Gale Gala

The "one -pick" Gala strain - the highest coloring Gala sport currently on the market!


Aztec Fuji 

This strain is fast becoming the standard by which all Red Fuji varieties will be judged. The fruit has all the sweet flavor and crisp crunch expected from Red Fuji.

Blind Renaissance