Gale Gala®

Gale Gala®


Gale Gala® is the "one -pick" Gala strain - the highest coloring Gala sport currently on the market! A whole tree sport of Royal Gala, this outstanding new strain has all the winning characteristics of its parent but has deeper red stripes and a fuller red color. Gale Gala® growers report one-pick harvests of this sport with packouts in the 95-100% Washington Extra Fancy grade for color. Gale Gala® is available only through Van Well Nursery.

Malaga cv.
U.S. Plant Patent No. 10114

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The Gale Gala was discovered in Malaga, WA. The patent was filed in 1997 after color tests at Van Well Nursery confirmed distinctive differences both with peel and flesh. The Gale Gala is an early blooming apple and will pollinate all other early blooming apples as well as mid-season bloomers.

Gala apples are in the top three favorite apples consumed in the United States, ranking second in 2006, behind Red Delicious. Gala apples were one of the first new varieties planted in Washington state in the 1980's. Gale Gala trees are one of the patented apples at Van Well Nursery, and we recommend that you place your orders early in the year to reserve yours.